Welcome to Fantasy PUBG Esports – the fantasy leagues experience that will allow you to be at the center of the action. 

Fantasy Esports offers all PUBG Fans a chance to win, no matter your skill or level of game expertise  – all you need is to log in and start picking. Let us walk you through the first steps!

Getting Started

In fantasy esports, it doesn’t matter if you have already mastered the game’s meta or are just at the beginning of leveling up your character. Maybe you don’t really play, but prefer to watch the game? That’s also fine! Fantasy esports is a great way to start your adventure with the new title or enjoy the one you love in a different way.

Download ThriveFantasy on the App Store or Play Store or by visiting our website http://www.thrivefantasy.com. Sign up, invite your friends, and PropUp today! 

Choosing Your Contest

ThriveFantasy offers a variety of different contests for Fantasy PUBG Esports that vary in the following: entry fee, prize pool, and a number of entrants. From large guaranteed prize pools to freerolls to head-to-head competitions, there is something for everyone!

Making Your Selections

Each contest will give you the opportunity to pick certain props from a predetermined list. For Fantasy PUBG contests, you will select 5 out of the 10 available options to build a lineup. Each prop is assigned a fantasy value for “More” or  “Less” based on how likely it is to hit. The higher the point value, the less probable it is to occur.

Choose the correct side of the prop and your lineup will be awarded with the shown points.

The more points that you accumulate, the further up the leaderboard you will go and the larger share of the prize pool you can take home!

(It is important to understand that the More and Less for each prop always adds up to 200 points. This means that if the More is worth 95 points, the Less will be worth 105 points.) 

In Case of Emergency Picks

Along with your 5 selections in your lineup, you’ll also select two In-Case-of-Emergency (ICE) picks. ICE Picks automatically replace any player/team that doesn’t play for any unforeseen circumstances (i.e late scratches, PPD, etc.).

Following Live

ThriveFantasy features live updating stats every 15-30 seconds, provided directly from the game server by GRID Esports, to tell you in real-time how close your picks are to hitting. Follow along while you watch the games and see how your team is stacking up against your competition.

Thrive on the Fantasy! 

Playing Fantasy, you will soon realize the main goal is not always winning. Being in the shoes of the top team’s GM, calling on new players, making decisions and getting excited with every moment of the game, in a brand new way. 

You might not always win the main prize, but what you get is the invaluable experience, knowledge, and understanding of the game.

Download ThriveFantasy on the App Store or Play Store or by visiting our website http://www.thrivefantasy.com.

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