Among all the craziness that has occurred with the NFL schedule this year due to COVID-19, this week will be a little bit simpler. In Week 17, there will be no Thursday games, no Friday games, no Saturday games, no Monday Night Football, and hopefully no postponements. Instead, every single game in the NFL this week, will be played on Sunday, so buckle up.

With the playoffs just around the corner, there are a lot of stakes on some of these games. The Colts, Titans, Dolphins, Browns, and Ravens all currently sit at 10-5 heading into their final games. While none of these teams are playing each other, the Colts and Titans will battle it out to see who is crowned AFC South champion. The Titans and Colts have split their regular season matchup, and the Titans have the better divisional record so if they both win, the Titans take the division. The Colts could still make the playoffs with a win if any of the other three teams lose. Lots could happen this Sunday so be sure to pay attention to those 10-5 AFC teams.

On the NFC side of things, perhaps the most underwhelming teams are offering the most exciting scenario. The battle for the NFC East title will also take place this Sunday. The Football team, Giants, Cowboys, all have a shot to take the crown even though all three teams have losing records. The Football Team currently sits at 6-9 and holds first place, so if they win, the NFC East is theirs. The Giants and Cowboys, however, must win and hope for a Washington loss. The Cowboys need an outright better record than Washington due to them losing the regular season matchup against them. The Giants, however, only need to tie the Football Team as they split the regular season matchup but will also hold a better divisional record with a Washington loss to the Eagles.

New York Giants: Will Daniel Jones, offense finally get on track against  Cowboys?
Daniel Jones

Stat Watch

Derrick Henry is looking join the elite 2,000-yards club in his final game of 2020. He has totaled 1,777 all-purpose yards this year and will need 223 total yards against the Texans this Sunday in order to reach 2,000. Patrick Mahomes is a 260 yard passing game away from 5,000 passing yards on the year. Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara are both tied at 16 Rush TD’s. Tyreek Hill is two receiving touchdown’s off Davante Adam’s lead of 17 so far.

Lots to look out for this Sunday and it’ll all be over by the end of the evening. Sit back, relax, and watch it all unfold.

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