Williamson, the young phenom who has been in basketball headlines since he was in high school, has had a good start to his second season in the NBA. Concerns about his rare body size combined with his athletic ability make fans and teams question whether or not he can maintain high-level performance over an entire season. Getting injured last season only added fuel to the fire, so this year Zion, as dominant as he is, has lots to prove. 

Double-double by Zion Williamson not enough to lift Pelicans over Heat
Zion Williamson

Thanks to his sheer size and athleticism mentioned above, he can easily stuff a stat sheet even with minimal playing time. So far, Williamson hasn’t struggled with playing time averaging 35.3 minutes per game, which is a great sign; and when he’s on the court, good things happen. He has three double-doubles in three games showing effectiveness both offensively and on the glass. Where Zion has struggled, however, is getting his teammates the ball. 

When Zion is on the court, his “signature skill”, or what he is known for, is getting the ball and muscling his way to the rim. He’s bigger than you, stronger than you, can jump higher than you, and in most cases will find a way to score. It’s not to say he’s selfish, but once he has the ball in his hands, his play style is not to look for that extra pass. 

Through his first three games this year, Zion has only tallied four total assists. While I would expect Zion to average a double-double throughout the season, I wouldn’t ever expect him to tally a high assist total.

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